STEP 1: Join the Academy

Community members will only get an introduction and explanation of the system. While there’s lots to be gained in the community it won’t be enough to really embrace the system and develop your game. With a paid account, all the doors will unlock and you can start to really Think Golf!

STEP 2: Learn Swing Rhythm

Everybody has a different rhythm. Many coaches will try to get you to change yours. That can take months to retrain, if you can do it at all. At Think Golf Academy we work with what you’ve got and master that. There’s no wrong way to dance, if you do it with style.

STEP 3: Hit The Range

With your rhythm in check and forefront in your mind, it’s time to get out there and swing some clubs! There’s no shortcuts when it comes to good Golfing. It’s an old cliché, but it takes PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!

Golf Pre-Shot Routine

The pre-shot routine is the foundation of the Think Golf process. The swing tempo in golf is crucial in learning how to lower your handicap. This is why we have developed various pre-shot routine tempos to perfectly fit your swing. Start using these today to start your journey towards lower golf scores.

Sounds Simple, Right?

It is! In just a few short lessons, and armed with the audio files you’ll receive, all it takes it is the fun part – GOLFING! Get ouT there, Think Golf, Master your Swing. Still need more convincing? Click the button to learn about the Hard Science that backs up our teaching methods and know that under the tuteLage of Think Golf Academy and Stu Patterson you will be swinging like the Pros in no time!