Could my Swing be more efficient?

What is Think Golf Academy

A new way of learning golf. A free community that allows Golfers from around the world to meet, chat, share tips and learn from each other. It’s also a place to get private one on one lessons from Golf Pro and Coach, Stuart Patterson.

Lastly, it’s a paid membership that gives access to the academy’s teaching methods to anyone on the planet. Using cutting edge methodology we can help improve your swing even if you can’t make it to the Academy’s physical location.  Audio files, videos, swing analysis, progress tracking and much more! Want to play better golf? We make it routine.

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Private Lessons at Indoor Driving Range

3 Cutting Edge GOLFZON Simulators

Catalyst 360° Swing Analysis Cameras

Cutting Edge Courses Available Online

Golf Focused Community to Learn Together

Think Golf Academy has it's own Pro Shop. From great swag to club repair we have something for everyone, wherever you are

There’s something for everyone at the Pro Shop. Whether you’re looking for cool swag, premium Golf accessories, or (if you’re local) club fittings and repairs, we have all the things you’d think a place called Think Golf should have. If we don’t, tell us and we’ll get it for you! 

Academy members get a discount on all purchase, and community members can earn discounts by completing challenges and more!

Think Golf’s teaching’s are backed by science and proven to lower scores. Cutting edge methodology that will make your unique swing more efficient. Our process works for golfers of
all ages and skill levels. Fact is, rhythm is the most important part of a golf swing. Sign up today and learn how to use your internal metronome to play better golf.

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We can be found in NE Calgary at
1431 40th Ave NE, #16,
Calgary, AB, T2E 8N6

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