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Think Golf’s teaching’s are backed by science and proven to lower scores. Cutting edge methodology that will make your unique swing more efficient.

Our process works for golfers of all ages and skill levels.

Fact is, rhythm is the most important part of a golf swing. Sign up today and learn how to use your internal metronome to play better golf.


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Using think golf audios will help build a solid reshot routine by anchoring your tempo, timing and take away.

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Think Golf Academy

A new way of learning golf. A paid membership that gives access to the academy and all it has to offer. Audios, videos, swing tips, track your progress and much more! Want to play better golf? We make it routine. Here is an example of the “Full Routine” performed by Stu himself! We’ll work you up to this. It’s all about Tempo, then Timing, then your Takeaway. 

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Stuart Patterson

Stuart Patterson

Meet Your Coach

Master Teaching Professional of the Canadian Golf Teachers Federation and World Golf Teachers Federation.

Stu has played golf since childhood. Fulfilling his dream, he turned professional in 2015. He has played in various professional qualifiers, including the Senior US Open. He continues to work towards an opportunity of playing on the PGA Tour Champions.

With his passion for teaching, he now helps his students learn the game of golf. Having struggled to improve himself Stu developed a philosophy and teaching method that is unique and more importantly works for everyone. Whether a beginner or a highly skilled player, his methods get results for his students. Using solid fundamentals and identifying how each student learns best, he creates a customized plan that addresses an individual’s tendencies. Implementing these techniques his students get real and proven results. Stu founded the Think Golf Academy and now teaches golfers year-round, online, and in person. His common sense approach of connecting a golfer’s mind to their swing and ultimately to their game is going to change the way golf is taught.

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We can be found in NE Calgary at
1431 40th Ave NE, #16,
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Book a Lesson at the home of theThink Golf AcademyTEMPO | TIMING | TAKEAWAY

Taught by a CGTF Master Instructor, including :

- Swing video analysis

- Foresight, Trackman & Swing Catalyst technology.

- Use of a variety of teaching and practice tools

Tuition fees: 5 lesson pack ( Private) $430

10 lesson pack (Private) $840

Our Golf Academy also offers group lessons: 2-5 students

Tuition fess:
5 lessons $390/person

10 lessons $760/person

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