My swing could use some work has made progress is flawless.
Wow! That was fast.

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Cutting Edge Methodology to Improve your swing. Backed by science and tested by professional golfers around the world. More than your posture, your speed, your angle, or your club, your unique Rhythm is everything.

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The Academy is a paid membership for students of Think Golf Academy. They have access to all the lessons and other benefits that come with membership, but the community itself is FREE to join! If you want to talk about Golf we want to talk about you. The Think Golf Community is a place for people to share their Golf story. Talk about your last game or your best game or your worst. Let’s swap tales and photos of our golfing adventure. Share tips and course hacks. We can even plan our own golfing tournament!

OF COURSE, we can’t fail to also mention the Pro Shop! click there for great deals on exclusive swag and epic gear. you will not regret your decision to buy from a Pro. We carry only the finest golfing equipment, all tested and approved by Stu himself. Some of it is even special edition branded TGA!

And yes, members get great discounts 🙂 Not just academy members either! Stick around our community a bit, and you can be sure you’ll find some sweet deals in your inbox on golfing equipment, golfing accessories, golfing swag, gifts perfect for the golfer in your life and the essentials every golfer must have with them at all times.

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Our cutting edge methodology is sure to get your swing perfected. I won’t pretend it’ll be easy. We’re not going to “hypnotise” you. There’s no tricks. No gimmicks. Just science and practice. Want to find out more?
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Open to ALL Visitors, Here Stu’s thoughts on Golf, Life, and Whatever else he feels like writing about. It’s his blog, afterall. However, it’ll mostly be about golf… and golfers… and gear… etc. 

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